Movie Review: Like Crazy

Like Crazy is not your typical chick-flick, not your typical romance film. This one is different. In a world of Blockbuster cookie-cutter fantasies, Like Crazy holds a valuable vein of truth. The acting, cinematography, and script are wonderful and come together to present an interesting and well-made film.

Anna, a British exchange student played by Felicity Jones (Doctor Who), and Jacob, played by Anton Yelchin,  (Star Trek) meet in a college class they share and the two spark a carefree romance with a deep connection. After Anna overstays her visa, however, she finds that she cannot return to California, and, thus, Jacob. She returns to Great Britain and what follows is a chronicle of the ups and downs of a relationship the two can never really leave behind and a love and connection that keeps them fighting for the chance to be together again.

Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: Orgins, The Hunger Games) gives a heartbreaking performance as Jacob’s girlfriend and business partner.  Yelchin, & Jones too give stellar performances. In parts heartbreaking, uplifting, awkward, and endearing, they keep the film completely engaging and realistic.


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