SLU-TV: Run by Heart

A group of students rush purposefully, working in a small studio tucked into a corner of the Busch Student Center, setting up equipment, printing scripts, loading the Digital Media Player, preparing graphics, and doing audio checks. They are racing the clock to achieve their goal. Who are they and why are they so intent upon these rather unusual tasks? The answer in short is that they are SLU-TV, it is Sunday night, and they are only minutes from bringing their live news program, SLU NEWS 22, on air. The long answer is going to take a bit more space.

One of those students mentioned above is me. I joined SLU-TV at the beginning of my freshman year and immediately fell in love with the studio and what we do there. I joined SLU-TV thinking that it would teach me skills I could bring to a career in film. It has taught me many skills, but it has also opened the door to a career I hadn’t considered before: broadcast journalism. This post isn’t about me though. It’s about the organization that has the power to open so many doors not only for it’s members, but also for it’s viewers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t familiar with us. It seems that most people on campus either don’t know we exist or don’t care. But we have started a a promotional campaign and in the end it doesn’t really matter. We are there because we love what we do. I know that I at least cannot imagine life without my work at SLU-TV. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the beginning.


SLU-TV was founded in 2003 by Fr. Gary Seibert (a professor here), Mike Roberts (chief meteorologist for Chanel 5) and few students. One of the founding members was Patrick Wessel who sadly passed away  a little over a year ago. According to Fr. Seibert, it was housed in Clemens Hall where Terra Ve now stands. SLU-TV originally showed mostly movies but, according to our Executive Vice-President, Matt Wessleshmidt, SLU New 22 has been airing on SLU’s campus since the studio was founded in 2003.

Because the studio did not have the technology to air programs live, SLU News 22 began as a pre-taped program and gradually switched over to live newscast. Last year was the first year that all newscasts have been live.

Every Sunday night of the school year, we report on SLU news and events, St. Louis news and events, national and international news, weather, sports, and your odd bit of strange news.


Currently hosted by studio President David Koeller (you may know him from his weather briefs displayed around campus) and Executive Vice-President  Matt Wessleshmidt, Updog was created by SLU-TV technical director Steve Massey and airs on Wednesday nights from 10pm until Midnight. The show is generally pure randomness with viewers asked to text, call, or come into the studio to determine what the show will be like that week.

Mondays In Midtown

Created by university graduate Mark J Zinn, and currently produced and directed by yours truly, Amanda Honigfort, Mondays in Midtown attempts to dig deeper into the news stories that SLU NEWS 22 is not able to cover as thoroughly. We feature a variety of segments including panels on politics, sports or important issues, a Spotlight on St. Louis, stories from Journalism Prof Avis Myer, and Communicating with Dr. Z Schaefer – but we are always looking for more. We also often feature exclusive interviews with people such as St. Louis Aldermen, GIC speakers, and we have even interviewed Mayor Francis Slay.

Past Segments included Crime Time with Evita Caldwell (covering any stories that are related to crime, the police force, or DPS), Student Reactions, Lyle’s Corner (pure randomness)

SGA Elections

Lastly, on the night of the SGA elections, SLU-TV airs live election coverage. Election commissioners come into the studio and the candidates are interviewed. Soon after the polls close the results are announced first live on SLU-TV. This is SLU-TV’s big night when we receive the most viewers.

Now that you know about our fine programing I bet you are quite anxious to know how to find us.

How Can you Access SLU-TV?

You can access us on Chanel 22 of the university cable, our website, Facebook page, and YouTube. If you have an idea, you want to run an ad, (which all CSO’s can do for free), or you have some other wish for contacting us you can do so though our email address

I wish I had time to be able to convey to you just how much I love this station and why. I wish I could introduce you to the people who make it what is and give the studio such a fantastic atmosphere. Unfortunately, I am running out of time and will have to suffice to say that with so many amusing people around there are quite a few laughs at the studio. It’s such a fantastic atmosphere. Nowhere else have I met people so willing to allow one to learn on their feet and so accepting of blunders; and we’re not talking particularly small. Nowhere have I found a group of people who work so well together. When we are putting together SLU NEWS 22, Mondays in Midtown, or Updog we all fit well together and the only times we encounter bumps in the road are when our technology decides to act up on us. Our station may be small and obscure but we have grown since 2003 and we’ll continue to grow because SLU-TV isn’t run by a desire for recognition. It’s run by heart.


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