Communication Career Day: General Advice

My first love is television. This is probably opposite of how most people feel. It seems that television is generally seen as film’s younger cousin that always wants to tag along and pretend to be just as cool. To me though, that cousin is cooler. At this point in my life, my dream job would be as a television producer or director. Though I do love television most, I am also very interested in film and radio, and I think I would be very happy in a career that involved any of the three. I am rarely told to aim high and am instead always reminded of the need for a back-up plan. The people around me are also usually suggesting easy to find jobs that I really don’t want, so Katie Place’s suggestion to aim high was much appreciated.

Because no one specifically did what I want and plan to do, the advice I got was fairly general but still quite helpful. It was helpful to hear some reminders about interviews but in their advice they also brought up some points I hadn’t thought of. Joe Bishop mentioned that a “cold resume” was not going to get any notice & Jessica LaBozzetta talked about how the interviewer was looking for someone they could get along with and work with well, so if you could develop a report with that person and seem agreeable it could help. It seems such a basic observation but somehow I’d always considered the interviewer to be detached.

It was helpful to be reminded that anything can be an opportunity and that everything has the potential to teach me something if I am only open to those lessons. They stressed not to close any doors – you never know how you might end up somewhere you will love. The reminder of the importance of connections was helpful as well as the reminder that volunteering in related fields can sometimes open doors.

Lastly, Joe Bishop proposed that if a company seems unsure about where a position is going or of your abilities, you might suggest they give you a free sample project which you will return within a short amount of time (he suggested 2 weeks) so that they can see you in action. It was something that got him one of his early jobs.


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