The Social Media Bandwagon’s Rumbling By: Hop On

Social Media has become increasingly important to businesses in the past couple of years, and, while this has been largely evident, I did not realize just how important it has become. Social Media has become a make it or break it aspect of doing business. If your group/organization/company is effective in their social media use, you will likely profit; but misstep and it could be disastrous. Social Media may just be the tools for implementing ideas and sending messages, but it is a very powerful set of tools.

During Dr. Hinsley’s talk about Social Media at the SLU Communication Department’s recent State of Journalism event, she mentioned that one of the first steps of successful social media use is to sit down and think about what your group/organization/company wants to accomplish. Do you want to increase your audience, connect with your client, exhibit expertise? This made me consider what SLU-TV, the campus television station’s goal is, and how we could have a bigger, more meaningful online presence. While we always want to increase our viewership, I believe our biggest goal is to connect with our viewers and develop a dialogue with them about what SLU-TV’s role on campus is and what programing they want to see.

Dr. Hinsley continued to talk about the balance between too many posts and too few, the balance of being silly and entertaining and professionalism, providing content that is useful and interesting, avoiding repeating the same content that can be found on your website, and importance of connecting your related posts to industry leaders. Much of this I hadn’t thought of before, and discovered that SLU-TV was guilty of committing many of the errors mentioned out of ignorance. Many times we simply repeated items from our website, or sent out messages in the middle of the day rather than the high-traffic evening hours.

I look forward to implementing the many lessons, not only in boosting SLU-TV’s social media presence, but also with my personal accounts, and, I’m sure with social media’s importance today, in any job I acquire. I cannot imagine a journalist, filmmaker, television producer, or anyone in a related field finding success without social media, and in my current life plan that is were I will end up.


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