Mirror Mirror: A Silly, Amusing Relfection of a Classic Tale

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, is this the greatest of them all? The answer is a decidedly no, but, that does not mean this is a movie you want to cast off just yet. The film is a bit juvenile, very silly, and decidedly odd but it is funny. It is also quirky in the best sense of the word. The Bollywood touch director Tarsem Singh brings to the film ads to it’s unique interpretation and further sets it apart from other adaptations of this tale. Mirror, Mirror staring Julia Roberts (Notting Hill, Pretty Woman) as the Queen and Lily Collins (The Blind Side) as Snow White, is a bizarre take on the classic tale.

Snow’s father was a good and just king who wished to find a mother for his young daughter; so, as a typical male, he chooses the fairest in the land. However, the King must ride off to a distant land and is never heard from again. The Queen assumes control of the country and promptly taxes the people into abject poverty to support her vanity and lavish lifestyle, while keeping her competition, Snow, locked in her room. As the movie opens, the Queen has come to the conclusiton that Snow is becoming too pretty for her own good. This, coupled with Snow’s new spirit, brings the Queen to the conclusion that “Snow must do what snow does best. Snow must fall.” Of course Snow manages to avoid death and falls into the company of a group of bandit dwarfs who teach her to fight. Together they raid the Queen and do their best to help Snow in her quest for her kingdom and, of course, her prince.

The film has many amusing moments, but many more corny ones. If you are looking for quirky, mindless, entertainment then this may be the movie for you. If not – try another movie.


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