Disney: Changing the Recipe

Anyone who has been waiting for another Disney Princess movie, queue up. Brave is just what you’ve been waiting for. Those of you who are looking for something original from Disney, you might want to stay in line. Keep reading and I’ll try to explain.

Disney’s Brave, which opens in theaters on Friday, June 22, is a Disney Princess tale, that much is certain, but, by going back to fourteenth or fifteenth century Scotland, Disney emerged with a updated 21st century tale and heroine. Think more along the lines of Tangled and less like Sleeping Beauty.

The story follows Merida, the princess of four Scottish Clans, who, doesn’t enjoy acting her place. She doesn’t take to corsets, or sewing, or cooking. What she does take to is horseback riding, climbing, and her bow all skills that will help her in her quest to save herself, her family, and maybe even her tribe.

The Pixar Animation team did a top-notch job as usual. The Scottish Highlands are rendered almost as majestic in animation than film and the voices reading the amusing script are are genuine Scots. Lastly, every mother of a young adult daughter, and their daughters, should appreciate the mother-daughter relationship throughout the movie. In short, this one’s worth it.

Brave is, at the core, the story of a young girl coming of age and finding herself, all while riding through the majestic Scottish Highlands shooting off a bow with perfect aim. Robin Hood couldn’t do better himself.

Full Disclosure: I am a Disney fan.


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