Stay Tuned: The Future of Television News

With the turn of every year, many begin to wonder what the future of news will hold. How will it change? What will be new? Time for me to throw my hat in the ring.

I’ll jump on the bandwagon with those who say mobile news will continue to gain traction and continue to grow, and disagree with those who say newspapers are all but dead. They will continue to limp along for a good number of years. Television, I think, is where the possibilities become really interesting. I believe there are changes in store for television this year.

According to the Pew Research Center’s 2012 report on the state of News Media, television news is in a good place. 2011 saw growth in most areas, and people still seem to be finding time for television in between mobile browsing sessions. Even so, I think television will likely be incorporating more social media and more audience interaction as the year continues. Many shows, I think, are soon going to be gravitating toward a format like Stay Tuned.

Stay Tuned is an innovative new program from the Nine Network of Public Media in St. Louis, Mo. that uses live social media engagement with their audience to shape their in-studio discussion.  As people send in good, relevant, ideas through Facebook or Twitter, those ideas are broadcast to all viewers. There is a small studio audience who post relevant tweets and Facebook posts live. An audience member may even be brought on camera if they tweet or post something that fits with the discussion.

All of these different ways of audience interaction are only going to become more and more prevalent as mobile becomes more popular, and the internet allows more consumers to become creators. It is my opinion that Stay Tuned is at the forefront of a television news revolution.


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