Amanda Honigfort: Video Production Ace

As I move closer and closer to graduation, I continue to hear more and more about what my personal brand is and how I should build it.

Steve Buttry talks about building your brand around your skills and your niche. That, I know. I am, pardon the boasting, a video production ace. And not half-bad with social media if I do say so myself.

Wherever my path leads me, it will involve production. There is nothing more enjoyable than planning out a piece, dealing with all the little hiccups that inevitably come our way, getting the shots, and finally publishing a well-made production. I love every aspect of the process; the planning, the hectic run-around getting everything set up, even the sometimes crazy hours and the hurry-up-and-wait aspect. It’s hard work, but it’s fun. I enjoy determining how different shots were made in every movie I watch, and analyzing the sets, reporting styles, and interview styles of every news show I come across. I’m constantly seeking to learn more about film, broadcast news and news magazine production. My friends know I’m the one to ask for anything they want to know about film or news.

Brenda Chapman, one of only a very few women directors to have cracked Hollywood’s very prevalent glass ceiling, understands personal branding. You may know her for Pixar’s Brave, for which she was the original director and the story itself came from her. She has a strong online presence that integrates her blog, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. She talks not only about films (and her film career), but also about other important aspects of her life: books, being a mother, and writing. She’s interesting, creative, gives good advice, and has a pretty impressive resume.

I could go on about how awesome this woman is but that wouldn’t fit the point of this post. I’ll suffice to say if I can succeed in creating a life/career in live action similar to her’s I’ll consider myself very successful. And of course, it all starts with branding.


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