Twitter Tussle : St. Louis Public Radio vs. KSDK News Channel 5

St. Louis Public Radio 90.7 KWMU and KSDK News Channel 5: two prime sources of news in the St. Louis area but two very different twitter feeds.

To start, over the past 24 hours StL Public Radio tweeted significantly less than KSDK. Their stories were also very different. While KSDK kept their followers up to date on any crime in the area and traffic conditions, StL Public Radio focused on the Mayoral Race, the groundbreaking for Ballpark Village, and their show St. Louis on the Air.

By doing this, each organization fit with their image. KSDK is where many would think to go for traffic, weather, crime, and breaking stories in the city. They also report more slice of life pieces, like the one they were currently promoting with St. Louis Health Coach Charles D’Angelo. They cover every news event in the city and thus, reported on much more than StL Public Radio who reports what you would expect from the local NPR affiliate – city politics, big national stories, and state of the city stories. Stories that take longer to report and are relevant longer.

There were also similarities. Both reported heavily on the recent tornado warning, both report primarily on the region, both tweet several times a day, both respond and engage their followers, and both publicly congratulate their employees for accomplishments.  Last but not least, both do as good a job as any news organization with Buzzfeed’s suggestions for going viral. Both have an identity and stick to it, make content worth sharing, focus on the content rather than the tricks, post relevant content, pay attention to mobile and  report on human rights.

With different but similar twitter feeds the news organizations are able to each fill separate niche’s without conflicting directly.


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