Who to Follow?

With so many people on Twitter, who to follow is always a question. You want to get good information, not a twitter feed filled with things you really couldn’t care less about. Well, here’s 10 people who I’ve found usually have some pretty good things to say.

  1. Katie Couric – as a journalist and now host of her own show, Couric tweets interesting stories and news headlines
  2. Brenda Chapman – Chapman tweets about all the best things: film, her film career, books, family, and more
  3. Guy Kawasaki – Kawasaki posts links to some really interesting articles (many of which are musts for anyone in media)
  4. Tim Eby – some jokes, some news stories, & the best from NPR
  5. Peter Sagal – Sagal presents a unique take on the news. The man’s tweets can always lighten my day – and we all need that sometimes.
  6. Steve Inskeep – Inskeep keeps his followers informed and often entertained
  7. Scott Simon – same reason as Mr. Inskeep
  8. Ron Howard – He gives a bit of an idea what it is like to work in film
  9. Ken Burns – draws his followers attention to worthy pieces
  10. Gwen Ifill – Ifill is an amazing journalist. She shares stories and fun or worthy insights.

Who would you say are the best people to follow on Twitter?


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