Content Curation: Best Blogging

I’ve been looking lately at what makes blog posts good, and what to avoid. Quite a few different blogs and general sites have been sharing insights about how to write for the internet. Well, internet, I’m joining in. Here are my top 5 points on how to write when blogging.

  1. Keep it short. Brevity, generally speaking, has not been my strong suit thus far but it is something I really need to work on. When people sit down to read print, they’re generally good with a long piece. Internet, not so much. Short and simple is sweeter. Yahoo! gives good examples of what you are aiming for.
  2. reminds readers to never bury the lede. (No – I do not mean lead.) People do not want to have to work to figure out what you are talking about. Tell them and tell them out front. While you are at it, make sure your reader gets to the “nut graph” the reason why what you are writing about by the second paragraph.
  3. Speaking of paragraphs: paragraphs are even more important online. Readers get tired looking at long blocks of text – particularly on a screen and particularly when that screen might be a phone. Make sure you only have one idea per paragraph and, when in doubt, err on the side of too many paragraphs.
  4. Link, Link, Link. It is a great way to make sure your readers can get all of the information they are looking for without making your post too long, help people find more interesting pages to look at when they finish reading yours, and to help your writings gain credibility and importance
  5. AJ Kohn shares the importance of pictures in a recent post of blogging tips. This is something I’ve had even more issues with than brevity. Despite working primarily in the extremely visual oriented world of video, I fail to even consider using a picture with most of my posts but I think he’s right. People love pictures – particularly if they really add meaning to a piece.

These are my best 5 blogging practices. What do you think – Agree or Disagree? What do you think is most important when writing for the internet?


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