Website Consideration

What makes a good website? This question has been on my mind a lot as I begin planning my own website. I’ve found three very different websites that I would like to compare and contrast today to get at what really does make a good website. Ready? Let’s go.

Website #1 Paul Leone’s Portfolio

I found this televsion jack-of-all-trade’s portfolio site while sifting through some of the portfolios of people in my field. What I like most about his website is his clean, easy to follow layout. I like that he breaks down his info into a bit about him, why an employer should choose him and what he finds most important about projects: the idea. I also like that this information is right up front and that he flat-out asks for the job that a prospective customer might be researching for.

His portfolio layout is very interesting. With all the sub-heads and the way the tiles transition, I think he has found a way to show his wealth and range of work without making his portfolio overwhelming. I don’t really like the grey-on-grey color scheme, and his blog could use a bit of work, but he has seemed to master the art of showing personality while maintaining professionalism and overall I think it is a good site.

Website #2 Buzzfeed

I’ve chosen this nontraditional news site because there is something incredibly addictive about it. Every time I happen to end up on Buzzfeed time mysteriously disappears. The greatest strengths of Buzzfeed are probably its white background with black text and simple fonts and its ease of click-through. Perhaps it is the fluff content or the catchy headlines. Buzzfeed certainly knows how to keep me stuck on their site.

Website #3 Erik Lunsford’s Portfolio

This website is the portfolio website of my current Photojournalism professor. I’m not trying gain brownie points by pointing to it as a good website, really, (he doesn’t even know about this blog). I simply really like the way he lays out his site. The white backgound is simple and elegant. I like the mix of his signature with the sans serif modern font for the rest his titles. I think the layout is well done, it is easy to see his work and easy to find his contact information.


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