Now You See Me

Looking for a fun, fast, adventure? Then now you see me is your movie. The well-billed flick staring Morgan Freedman (Driving Miss Daisy, The Dark Knight Rises), Jesse Isenberg (The Social Network), Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby; Definitely, Maybe) and Woody Harrison (The Hunger Games, No Country for Old Men), along with many other well-known names, is quite the wild ride.

The movie centers around four street magicians who start a new act, The Four Horseman, a Robin Hood-esque magic show. After their first act concludes with the robbery of a bank in Paris, Interpol is brought into the loop in the form of Alma (Mélanie Laurent – Beginners, Inglorious Bastards) who along with a gloriously incompetent FBI agent played by Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers, The Kids Are Alright) is trying to catch the Horsemen and figure out how they are pulling off their heists.

The magic is there, the flash is there, the star-studded cast is in place. Now brace yourself for a bit of corniness and predictability as the chase gets underway. Maybe, if you don’t look too closely, you’ll be able to figure it all out before the big reveal (and miss the minor plot holes).


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