About Time for another Really Good Romantic Comedy

Richard Curtis has done it again. About Time, out November 8, is one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in a long time and I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. In his newest film Richard Curtis tells the story of Tim, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary gift – the ability to travel within his own time stream and his search for love. It is a search that finds its answer in a girl named Mary.

Yes, from this the movie may not sound any different from the fun but all too predictable slew of romantic comedies but Curtis throws in all manner of twists and turns, lessons and fiascos. He gives us life, messy and unpredictable and shows us the beauty in it.

The movie is philosophical and irreverent, awkward and uplifting, hilarious and serious yet still flows beautifully throughout its 123 minute runtime. One more testament – Usually awkward humor (one variety utilized) just makes me uncomfortable. Not this time. This time, it was really, really funny.

Of course no matter how good a script or direction are you are still going to need a fantastic cast and crew to make the movie worth watching and Curtis has found just that. Every single member of the cast was wonderful. I was particularly delighted by the performances of Domhnall Gleason as Tim and Lydia Wilson as his impossible to categorize sister, Kit Kat.


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