New Mission: Documenting The Lovely Lou


It’s time for this site to come out of hibernation because I have a new mission. Since I moved back to St. Louis a few months ago, I’ve noticed much has changed in the last two years. So join me as I re-explore the wonders St. Louis has to offer as well as our issues (and how we can tackle them together).

I’ve always loved St. Louis, but I didn’t fully appreciate all the Lou had to offer until returning from a year and a half living and working in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and the second of two 3 month stints in Washington D.C.

It’s time for St. Louis to really start growing and thriving again. I want to see us attract more Fortune 500 businesses and tiny start-us. I want to see our music, food, art and culture scene grow, thrive and try things no one else is trying anywhere in the world. I want our public schools throughout the city to be celebrated nation-wide.

In short, I want St. Louis to be the leading city it can be and the city that (if you look hard enough) in many places it already is. That’s what I’m going to be writing about.

So what can you expect if you follow along on this mission? Here’s a sample.

  • (My Opinion Of) The Top 5 Things To Do This Weekend
  • (My Opinion Of) The Top 5 Things To Do This Week
  • Posts on the music, concerts, food, stores, museums, festivals, etc. happening in the Lovely Lou
  • Explorations of the city’s issues and challenges
  • Explorations of ideas to address those issues or challenges
  • Profiles of people and organizations working to make an impact on this town
  • Whatever else strikes my fancy

I hope you join me on my mission!


P.S. If you’re reading this and wondering why I have such pride and love for my hometown this new video from Explore St. Louis will give you an idea:



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