Spotlight On St. Louis: The Saint Louis Art Fair

Every year, September brings the St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton, but this year HEC-TV and The St. Louis Art Fair are partnering on a venture we’re calling Meet The Artists.

I’ve been busy putting together many of our videos about the artists you will meet in September – talking with them about how they create their art, what speaks to them about the medium they’ve chosen, and what they hope you come away with after visiting their booths. You can get to know the artists right now on HEC-TV’s website or on our special Meet the Artists YouTube page.

We at HEC-TV hope you will enjoy learning more about the artists sharing their work with us, and that this “Meet the Artists” project will generate enthusiasm for the arts and help you learn a little bit more about the people who make their living through fairs such as ours. The videos will be also available at the St. Louis Art Fair through our mobile friendly website and at touch screen kiosks at our booth.


“There’s more beneath what you see,” said Cindy Lerick, executive director of the St. Louis Art Fair. “This artwork is not mass produced. These are people with a very special skill.”

Lerick says she’s heard from many people who found our Meet the Artists series interesting and eye-opening. She says people are finding a stronger appreciation for what goes into the art – something she believes is an important part of art fairs.

“I think art fairs introduce many people to the different forms of art and build a sense of community,” said Lerick. “This year we have several artists from different countries, different religions – art reaches across boundaries and connects us.”

She says art stimulates the brain and conversation and allows us to see different cultures.  About a third of the artists this year have never displayed in the fair before and another third have not shown their work here for several years.

In addition, this year The Saint Louis Art Fair will feature expanded family events (including a buzzword tower) and a United Kingdom performance group roaming the fairgrounds sharing their UK humor with patrons.

It is an honor for us at HEC-TV to partner with the St. Louis Art Fair and be the exclusive media sponsor of one of the top art fairs in the nation, so this year when you visit the fair look for our booth at the corner of Meramec and Forsyth.

I look forward to seeing you at the St. Louis Art Fair!


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